who are we

This is what you can ask yourself before coming to our convention.

Brolvétique this is how we call it is the contraction of Brony and Helvetic.

Our group was born on October 4, 2014. Following some discussion forums, we met 
for the first time to watch all the film Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks. It is from 
this day that our group really began to evolve. So we created our forum and start 
recruiting members. Until Christmas 2014 when we were fifteen. We then made our 
first meet-up over several days. Six members of Brolvétique spent together on 
New Year's Friday night until Sunday afternoon.

The group has quietly flourished until July 2015. About twenty members and some 
small meet-up. That's when 6 members Brolvétique visited the largest Européene 
agreement, Galacon. A rewarding experience that has inspired us for the rest of 
our group. But that's not the only thing that happened to us there. Indeed, in a 
totally random way, we met Toinou, the "leader" of the North is Brony.

Due to this meeting, we went to Bastion Brony 2 in June 2015. There is only one 
thing to say, this experience made us take off our group and gave us want to go 
much further. We also never thank enough the Brony Northeast for it.

Now we have much growing up, our forum currently has over 50 members. At each 
meet-up we're a good fortnights see more! And every week, new members arrive in 
our group.

That's what Brolvétique a family!