Practical information


What is the Suisse Pony’s Con ? i284008264498408776._szw1280h1280_


The Suisse Pony’s Con is the first convention in he french part of Switzerland.

It is also the anniversary of the Brony group in Switzerland, Brolvétique , which was established on 4 October 2014.

Yes, we wanted to make the October 4 , like when we celebrate our 1 year , but it fell on a Tuesday … But it does not matter ! What matters is to get together and party with Brony

Where and when does it take place ?


The Suisse Pony’s Con will take place in Switzerland Romande.

It will be in the homes Beausobre theater in Morge

The planned dates are on 5 and 6 November 2016.

But, if I don’t have too many money, can i come ?

Of course ! We planned two tickets choice for small and large grants.


The Standard ticket : 40 Francs

The Ticket Plus: 80 Francs with goodies and a t-shirt of the Convention.

How I find myself in this town?

No worries, here is the position of the theater in the city :