Guest and exhibitor

List of pannels available during the convention :
(Subject to change)


The Pony’s On Movie’s


The monthly meeting of cinema Bronys .
Also gathering celebrates 3 years old this
year . Confirmed presence of the creator
of the concept.

Special vendor :


Celine & Willy Confiserie


 We hope you like candy, churros and
pancakes ! By we will have the joy of
having with us Celine & Willy the
« candy creator » that we bring some
snacks at throughout the day.



List of exhibitors
(subject to change)


Plushies Rain


Like the fluff ? it’s good, a talented
creative fluff Made in France will be
present to introduce his creations.








Another young talent of sewing that we
brings with
it full of the cutest stuffed
animals as each other .